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Emree Franklin is a rising 22-year-old recording Artist from Friday Harbor, WA, whose distinct voice and poignant lyrics transcend her age. Growing up as the daughter of master falconers in the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Emree's signature storytelling style and lyrics draw from her life experiences, and are deeply influenced by her lifestyle growing up in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2013 Emree took leave from the University of Washington to move to Nashville where she began honing her songwriting skills becoming prolific in penning songs that range stylistically from acoustic Americana to a soulful blend of Pop. Her writing began transcending genres, as her vocals were featured on house and trance tracks, released on Soundcloud. In addition, one of her tunes was recently selected for a major motion picture.

Emree strives to write songs that are heartfelt, authentic and boldly honest, she writes openly about emotions that speak to her generation.

She has been recording in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta with Grammy award winning producers for her debut release.


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E M R E E   F R A N K L I N   //    C U R T    R E Y N O L D S     X 2

Featuring vocals and lyrics from Emree's original song Seaside. 

S E A T T L E   K I D S        

"The Re-Up" Warm Gun Feat. Emree Franklin

Once upon a time, Brian (Warm Gun) and I were both students at University of Washington and seemingly the only Pop Artists in the 1 mile radius of 17th and 21st street.  I kept hearing his name everywhere I went. "Hey you should collab with this guy Brian," "Hey do you know my friend Brian?" I didn't. And we never did. I moved to Nashville that spring for a year, recorded in LA, New York and Atlanta, and came full circle back to Seattle, where at photoshoot shot by another University Alumni Brian Oh, the name came up again. But this time it was Warm Gun, and the music was on another level. A facebook message later I get a track titled "The Re-Up." I fell in love with the hook, and immediately responded "what are you doing tomorrow, I've got a verse for you." We recorded it in a makeshift studio somewhere on Queen Anne Hill,  and a month later he asked me if he could release it as a single. I hadn't heard the vocals since we recorded it, I didn't know how my verse came out or what it sounded like, but I was in. "The Re-Up" was released on Soundcloud and the support blew me away. We could have been more organized, we could have obsessed over it, gone back in to recut it make it perfect. But Instead we embracing the imperfections, and captured what it was. Two pop kids from Seattle making music.  




E M R E E   F R A N K L I N   //   G A P    D E N I M  
S H O T  B Y  K E V I N   K I N G H O R N 

2016  S T. J U D E   S O N G W R I T E R S   S E S S I O N
E M R E E   F R A N K L I N

D E F I A N T L Y   I N S P I R E D // S A N C T U A R Y   P O P - U P   S H O W
M O N D R I A N  S K Y  B A R

T R I D E L T A   N A T I O N A L   P U B L I C A T I O N   S P O T L I G H T

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